About us

We pride ourselves on being a viable international and multicultural group primarily focused on sharing our vision, experiences and future goals with our friends, families, colleagues and communities.

Our Vision

To promote experience-based educational interaction between people of different languages, cultural backgrounds, age and health, personal experience, diet requirements and technical expertise.

To promote peace and harmony through multi-cultural interactive-learning experiences that enhance personal and spiritual growth that respects the true essence of all living things.

To promote human wellness in terms of body, mind and spirit.


Cultural Appreciation
Flower arrangement, music participation and appreciation, vegetarian cooking classes, healthy cooking practice, folklore (stories, myths and activities), tea ceremony (preparation and procedure), Tai Chi, Kung Fu, painting, Chinese calligraphy, chess, Confucianism, Oriental philosophy, cultural integration, languages and crafts and other associated topics.

Organic Agriculture & Environment Care
Organic agriculture techniques and practice, environmental protection, energy saving, carbon emission reduction and associated areas.

Chinese medicine healthcare, balanced health (mind, body and spirit) and associated areas.

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