School Camp at Waihi Academy

Here at Waihi Academy we recognise and value the importance of experience-based education, we identify school camps as being part of this where students get to spend time outside of school grounds, learning in a different environment and gaining skills they otherwise would not have the opportunity to learn in the classroom.

School camps are where some of the most memorable moments are created for students growing up and they have the potential to make a big change in a student's life. Here at Waihi Academy, we hope that we can play a positive part in this crucial stage in a student's progression and personal development.

Waihi Academy is the perfect venue to hold your school camp, located in Golden Valley Waihi, it is a chance to get away and spend a few days in seclusion and get the most out of time spent together over the days at camp.

Various schools have used our venue for their school camps and enjoyed their experience here at Waihi Academy, with Sacred Heart Girls' College in Hamilton being one of them. Their recent Yr 12 Retreat can be found here.

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Programs and Activities

Tea Ceremony

The Tea Ceremony program is an introductory experience to the ancient way and art of the Chinese Tea Ceremony. Students will learn about the history of Chinese Tea, some basic facts about Chinese Tea, and then experience for themselves a traditional Chinese Tea Ceremony where they will have the opportunity to taste different types of Chinese Tea. This program exposes students to another culture, allowing students to learn about and experience a facet of Chinese culture, adding to their world view.

Leadership program

Waihi Academy can offer a Leadership Program for students which will cover different aspects and qualities that are required for good leadership. This is an interactive program where students will get involved throughout, at the end of it, they will put into practice what they learnt in the program in the form of a performance. This program can be discussed with us and tailored to suit your needs.

Cultural activities

Waihi Academy offers a range of Cultural Activities, these activities are for students to get a taste of Chinese culture and doing so in a fun and interactive way. Activities include Chinese Calligraphy, arts and crafts and various traditional activities such as traditional sports. Through these activities, students will get to learn and experience new things from another culture, diversifying their viewpoint and thinking.


Team-building activities are available in different formats, these activities aim to improve communication, encourage working with others, contribution and participation. Team-building activities can be discussed with us and an activity can be arranged based on your requirements.

A previous activity that has been run was mural painting, where students had to work together to complete a large mural project. This artwork is currently on display at Waihi Academy for all visitors to see. On completion of the Team-building activity, students will feel a sense of accomplishment whilst building comradery in the process.


Here at Waihi Academy, we have a range of facilities which are available for use for your school camp, individual requirements can be discussed further, and adjustments can be made for all, where possible.


Our Admin Building - Manaia, has two areas available for use. The Large Meeting Room can seat 150 people comfortably but is capable of seating up to 200 people. The second area in our Admin Building is the Upstairs Conference Room, it has capacity to seat 50 people comfortably, but can seat up to 70 people. These spaces can be used for various activities depending on your requirements, with additional equipment available to be set up.


Neighbouring the Admin building, is our Classroom buildings. On site, we have eight dedicated classrooms in total, split between our two classroom buildings - Silver Fern and Hei Tiki. Each classroom can seat 30 students in a normal setting. Classrooms can be set up with various equipment where required e.g. tables, chairs, whiteboard, projector etc. (we will try to meet your requests where possible) These classrooms can be used for a variety of learning purposes from having classes to running activities, how you choose to utilise them is open for discussion with us.


Our modern Cafeteria facility is equipped to serve and seat 240 people comfortably during mealtimes. Catering is included and provided by us when you hold your school camp here at Waihi Academy. (Catering is explained further in the 'catering options' section)

Outdoor areas

Waihi Academy is located on a 6-hectre piece of land which visitors are welcome to walk around and explore. There is a sports field and outdoor basketball court on-site which can be used.


There are a few bushwalks accessible from our site, these vary from 30-minute to 2-hour-long walks, these bushwalks go through the surrounding scenic farmland, parts of which are planted with native plants and trees. Beach access is possible on one of the walks. This can be an activity which can be incorporated into your school camp program.

Indoor Activity Area

Our Indoor Activity Area is a multi-purpose building, whether it is used to play badminton or basketball, or just as another indoor space to hold activities if the weather outside is bad.



Here at Waihi Academy, we have two main buildings used for accommodation - Pikorua (Single twist) and Pikorua (Triple twist). The two dormitories can each accommodate 120 people comfortably, the dorm buildings have different types of rooms accommodating different numbers of people depending on what your needs are. Both buildings have a common area. Males and females will be accommodated separately as that is part of our conditions for use.


Catering options

Catering is included as part the school camp package here at Waihi Academy. We only offer vegetarian and non-alcoholic options with regards to catering as that is part of who we are and what we stand for here at Waihi Academy. You will not be able to cook on site. If you have any queries regarding this, please do not hesitate to contact and discuss your catering needs with us. We can provide a menu to suit your budget. View menu here


York Lin - Waihi Academy School Camp Coordinator

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