Meeting venues in Waihi Academy

We provide spacious meeting rooms with well-equipped facilities as well as stunning views for seminar / workshop / exhibition events.

Classroom & Conference rooms
Conference - Manaia
Equipment for hire

Classroom & Conference rooms

Space Capacities Classroom setting/space for 30 people comfortably

Floor Plan 8 classrooms split between 2 buildings, Silver Fern (4 classrooms), Hei Tiki (4 classrooms)

Conference Manaia

Space Capacities Meeting Room for 200+ people / 50+ people / 25+ people

Floor Plan Ground Floor: Large Meeting Room 200+ & Refreshment Café Area
First Floor: Other independent meeting rooms.


Building Room Size Capacity Day Rate
Silver Fern 1 10M x 6.75M 20-40 $195
2 10M x 6.75M 20-40 $195
3 10M x 6.75M 20-40 $195
4 10M x 6.75M 20-40 $195
Hei Tiki 5 10M x 6.75M 20-40 $195
6 10M x 6.75M 20-40 $195
7 10M x 6.75M 20-40 $195
8 10M x 6.75M 20-40 $195
Ground floor
9 14.3M x 15.2M 40-150 $426
First floor
10 14.7M x 8.3M 40-60 $310

Rooms can be customized as per requirement.
* Full day is from 8am-5pm.
* Price are seasonally adjusted. Quote by enquiry.

Equipment for hire

Overhead Projector, Trolley and Screen
Wireless Connection
Wireless Connection
Video and Television
Microphone and Lectern
Wireless Microphone
Laptop Computer
Remote Mouse
Date Screen (includes multi-box, extension cord and trolley)
Data Projector and Video
Data Projector and Video

If you require any other equipment we can hire it on your behalf. A quotation of cost for any equipment hired in can be supplied through reception.