Events & Exhibitions

All activities that fall within the parameters of our mission statement will be welcomed into our establishment.
We would be pleased to both host and welcome the following events:
Interactive cultural exchanges such as meetings, workshops, training, exhibitions, lectures, performances, short term courses, digital distance education teaching, demonstrations and other appropriate topics.

What we offer at Waihi Academy

We provide high quality comfortable living environment with modern facilities and central heating system.
Here at Waihi Academy, we have a range of facilities which are available for use for your school camp, individual requirements can be discussed further, and adjustments can be made for all, where possible.

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We have two dormitories, each can accommodate 120 people comfortably, the dorm buildings have different types of rooms accommodating different numbers of people depending on what your needs are.
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Catering is included as part the school camp package. We only offer vegetarian and non-alcoholic options with regards to catering as that is part of who we are and what we stand for here at Waihi Academy.
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Outdoor Activities
Waihi Academy is located on a 6-hectre piece of land which visitors are welcome to walk around and explore. There is a sports field and outdoor basketball court on-site which can be used.
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Our venue for hire

Site visits are welcome and can be arranged through appointment.

Things to do in and around Waihi

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